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Maxime's goal is to acquire and operate a single, great business to preserve and grow its legacy while having positive environmental and social impact.

Maxime began his career at Invoice2go, a small B2B invoicing software company based in Redwood City, CA. Maxime then joined McKinsey & Company, a consulting firm, based in their San Francisco office. At McKinsey, Maxime advised clients in the technology and healthcare industry developing deep expertise in those areas. Maxime was quickly promoted to Engagement Manager and has experience leading teams.


At McKinsey and Invoice2go, Maxime developed strategic and operational expertise in small and mid-sized companies

Maxime received his MBA from Harvard University and his MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.


Maxime was born and raised in the French Alps. He is an avid skier and likes the outdoors. He moved to the US about 10 years ago and is proud to be living the American dream.

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Maxime Aymonod

Principal & Operator

+1 (415) 712-4347

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Maxime is deeply passionate about healthcare. Maxime's dad was a nurse while his mother was a midwife so Maxime grew up with the value of patient care. As an engineer by background, Maxime has always been interested in technology and improve how things are currently done. Maxime would be passionate about finding a business that combines his passions for healthcare and technology.

Unlike strategic investors, who invest in multiple ventures for short term returns, Alpex is committed to growing and investing in one single business for the long term. Alpex is the first ESG-focused search fund and is committed to think in terms of double bottom line.

Maxime met his wife, Mari, at Harvard Business School. They live together in San Francisco and are committed to move wherever the business they acquire will be.

Maxime and his wife, Mari, helping out with her parents' fish farming business.
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