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Abstract Structure

What makes us different

We are committed to the long run. Our Principal will commit 100% of his time and energy in running the acquired business, and move his family to wherever the business is located.

Our ambition is to preserve and realize the founder's vision. We are committed to acquire a great business and protect its culture, employees, legacy 

We are neither private equity nor venture capital. We are not in the business of flipping companies for a profit. We are not a “strategic buyer”.

Our commitment is one of stewardship.

Why sell to us?

Alpex Capital
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Company's future 
Seller's legacy
Seller's future 
Employees' future
Value creation levers 
Ease of transaction 
Funded by 

One of many within a large portfolio 


Either forced to stay or forced to leave 

Uncertain, depends on cost cutting plans 

Financial engineering, costcutting, revenue growth 

6-12 months dealing with several counterparties 

Pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds 

Only business to be managed 


Flexible to the needs of the seller 

Remain more critical than ever for the normal course of the business 

Revenue growth, product and geo expansion 

1-3 months dealing with one counterparty 

Former entrepreneurs and operators 

Merged or integrated into the larger business 

Potentially lost 

Typically compelled to stay for months, years 

At risk 

Cost synergies, revenue growth 

2-12 months dealing with layers of approval 

Company shareholders 


Our values are at the core of what we do at Alpex

Integrity without compromise 

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Do well by doing good

Doing the right thing matters. 

We are the first ESG-focused search fund. We are long-term thinkers, focused on helping contribute to building a better tomorrow.


We value trust above everything else. We aim to maintain the highest professional standards including honesty, integrity, humillity in all situations.


Work hard

Be willing to do what others won’t and you’ll get results that others don’t. We strive to not only get the job done but execute with excellence.


Stronger together

We are invested in each other's success. We see this as a partnership with the seller, a long-term collaboration to ensure preservation of its legacy.


Lifelong learning

Keep learning, keep pushing boundaries. Show patience and resilience in the case of short-term fluctuations. We understand we have a lot to learn.


We look for one great business with a history of success.

While we recognize that no business is perfect, we look for strong businesses serving a specific niche that have clear opportunities for growth in the long-run and a history of profitability



$1-5M of EBITDA or >$3M of ARR

Growing over 10% annually

Cash flow positive

History of profitability for at least 3 years


The steps to sell your business are straightforward.

Our commitment to you is that we will work quickly, confidentially, and transparently to buy your business. We strive to make the process as seamless as possible.


Intro call

30 min (or as much time needed) to get to know each other. Our focus is to build rapport and a transparent, honest relationship and make sure there is a fit.


Preliminary analysis

We will conduct preliminary analysis to evaluate the industry, business, operations, etc and our ability to have a positive impact on the business.  We will share our initial valuation and purchase price range.


Letter of Intent

If there is an initial agreement on purchase price range, we will move to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). This is a non-binding document that outlines proposed price, terms and other material deal points.  Required as part of the LOI is an NDA and an exclusivity clause. This step usually takes ~2 weeks.


Due Diligence

After validating the info on the business during due diligence, we will submit a purchase and sales agreement (PSA) and finalize any outstanding items. We will also develop an ownership transition plan. This usually takes 90 days.


Deal closed

We did it! After closing, we will work closely with you (the seller) to ensure a smooth transition for all employees, customers, and suppliers. During the transition, our focus will be on learning the business.

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